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Sunday, October 16, 2011

choosing Breast Implants to Look Natural

If you are considering breast implants, you are likely reasoning about the importance of achieving a natural seeing figure post-surgery. This is a very coarse concern, and one which you can verily work with your plastic surgeon to achieve.

Thanks to current technology and modern medical advances, augmentation is one of the most coarse plastic surgery procedures performed today, and it is the one with the top patient pleasure ratings as well.

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One of the main reasons for this pleasure is that plastic surgeons now have ample perceive with breast implants and best understand which definite implant shape to use, what definite size, and where to place them in the body for the best potential results.

While you might think that enlargement surgery would be a straightforward procedure, in reality it is very complex. Both permissible surgical technique as well as a strong concentration to detail can make the distinction between wonderfully natural seeing breasts and those which look unnaturally round or big for your body.

Every plastic surgeon should consider the following six variables when consulting with you:

* Your body build and height/weight

* Your natural size, shape, and symmetry

* Your nipple position

* The shape and size of your chest wall

* The estimate and capability of skin

* Your desires for cup size and shape

Each of these things will influence how your enlargement should be performed and the results you can expect to see. When breasts are augmented correctly you should have a natural plenty and gentle sloping off of the chest wall. You should have natural seeing cleavage without webbing between the breasts or inordinate perkiness.

While just about every woman alive wants to be perky and full, if they are too perky or too large, you then get that "boob job" look. To avoid this, your plastic surgeon will take into account your natural look and the size and shape of your body as well. This can help to achieve much more natural shape.

In addition, breast implants come in both a round and a teardrop shape. By working with one of these options, and your own natural breast shaping, you can have an enhancement that looks more like your own natural tissue - simply larger.

By working with your plastic surgery, and taking all of the above considerations into account, you can conclude together what the best selection is for your enlargement surgery. Plastic surgeons keep a book of before and after pictures of their past patients and can commonly show you a patient with a similar build to yours so you can get an idea of what your varied options will look like post-op.

Whether you are considering breast augmentation for enhancement or resumption purposes, a board certified plastic surgeon can give you the natural look and feel that you desire. By working with the six considerations listed above, your plastic surgeon can advise just the right estimate of augmentation and placement to help you achieve natural seeing breasts.

choosing Breast Implants to Look Natural

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide

Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide Review

Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide Overview

Augmented Reality is a natural way to explore 3D objects and data, as it brings virtual objects into the real world where we live, rather than forcing us to learn how to navigate inside the computer. With video-see-through technology, AR handheld devices such as tablet PC ™s, PDA ™s, or camera cell phones, (or in many cases just a webcam and our standard computer monitor), you hold the device up and see through the display to view both the real world and the superimposed virtual object. You can move around and see the virtual object, model, animation, or game from different views as the AR system performs alignment of the real and virtual cameras automatically.

This book will introduce you to Augmented Reality (AR), provide detailed explanations of how the technology works, and provide samples for you to try on your own. Code samples using the freely downloadable ARTag software SDK in C++ and C# are included; all you need is a computer, printer, and a webcam.

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